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Worldwide Humanitarian Foundation
is an international charity dedicated to health and human development. We champion healthy lifestyles and support individuals striving to live fulfilling lives, no matter the circumstances. Our primary mission centers around rehabilitation, offering direct assistance to those who have endured physical and emotional trauma from life's challenging events...

Our mission is to cultivate a healthy and joyful generation, even as the word "pain" increasingly permeates our daily conversations due to unforeseen challenges. We hold firm to the belief that everyone has the potential for happiness, and that it is a personal choice. However, for some, attaining happiness can be more difficult during periods of physical frailty and emotional turmoil. We are here to provide unwavering support for those in need.

Humanity comes first

The WH Foundation focuses on physical development programs for both children and adults. What sets us apart from other charities is our special attention to those who have suffered unjust cruelty in the global community. Humanity comes first, and the well-being of individuals is our top priority. With this guiding principle, only then can other issues be addressed and resolved, such as territorial boundaries, technological advancements, space exploration, achievements, discoveries, and progress.

Our inherent compassion, empathy, respect for human individuality, and kindness towards all living beings define our human nature. No circumstance justifies the intentional destruction of another person's life.


Humanity, originating from the Latin word "humanus," encompasses traits such as kindness, humaneness, respect for human dignity, and compassion. It is what makes us truly human, and where happiness begins.

International legal norms help us distinguish between humane and inhumane behavior, making it clear that anything that harms others is inhumane and deemed a crime.

As we strive towards being better human beings, let us embrace our shared humanity, treat each other with kindness and compassion, and work towards creating a better world for all. For it is impossible to experience true happiness through purely human emotions without embracing our humanity.

Building bridges

At a certain point in life, those who achieve great success often develop an altruistic desire to make the world a better place by being of service to others. Not just to receive, but also to give back. This is what motivated our founders, successful business owners from America and Europe, to join forces and work towards a common goal — making a significant contribution to building a new, healthy society. 

The WH Foundation now works to bridge the gap between those who need support and those who are willing to give, embodying the essence of our shared humanity.

Ronald Holtkamp
Philanthropist. SWISS BANK: Head International Clients / Managing Director. Executive Director. Wealth Manager Family Officer. Private Entrepreneur Office.
Curtis Lake
A former Intelligence Operative & Special Forces Green Beret. Philanthropist. Former Mayoral Candidate of Kauai, Hawaii.
Daniel Sulimierski
Businessmen. Philanthropist. Stock market analysis for asset managers and brokerage firms.Real Estate investor.
Kazakov Paul
Businessman, investor, furniture manufacturing company, philanthropist.
Stansky Serguei
Social entrepreneur, philanthropist and nonprofit innovator. Businesses in milk powder production and real estate investment.
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